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We are a team of specialists from many disciplines applying best practices and innovation to turn good ideas into workable solutions to help our clients make life changing improvements to our world.

  • Super Tall Buildings

    Structural design of tall buildings is as much an art as it is an analytical experience. Our team of specialist high-rise engineers focus on designing constructible, efficient, cost effective and safe tall buildings by utilizing latest design techniques, wind load factors, computer applications, and proven engineering concepts,

    These buildings demand extensive understanding of the minutest detail of the building, as it enlarges to the scale of the structure and affects in the design.

    Therefore extensive understanding of structure and sophisticated analysis methods are employed such as Dynamic Earthquake Analysis, Construction Sequence Analysis, Column / Wall shortening analysis, Diaphragm Connectivity analysis to study all major and minor parameters before design. We ensure strict adherence to the defined high rise regulations of the geographies we are working in to ensure requisite local approvals. And also employ performance-based design methodologies when prevailing building codes are inapplicable or inadequate.

  • Design Analysis & Value Engineering

    KPM performs detailed reviews of the design done by other structural engineering firms to help ensure that projects conform to the owner’s requirements, meet applicable building codes, have clear documentation and are readily constructible.

    The team has the experience and expertise needed to validate basic assumptions, confirm calculations and analyses, and identify potential issues. Working with a project’s design team, our engineers suggest alternative approaches that may result in a more efficient structural design, decreased costs and better overall value.

  • Integrated Design

    Design of modern buildings demand careful collaboration amongst the various design teams involved in the engineering of a building. Our One Team approach between structural and building services engineers using BIM as a platform helps our Structural designers to meet architectural and client ambitions while still satisfying MEP requirements.

    The Integrated approach and design helps us promote effective collaboration, improve coordination and enhance visualization and communication throughout planning, design and construction. It helps us resolve interdisciplinary conflicts in turn resulting in saving cost & time and ensuring safety & constructability at site.

  • Energy & Sustainability

    We focus on designing high-performance buildings that work with the earth’s resources instead of against them thereby reducing the environmental impact of buildings over their entire life cycle whilst optimizing their economic viability and the comfort and safety of their occupants.

    In order to ensure low and zero carbon design we explore geothermal heating, natural ventilation, photovoltaics, solar thermal collectors, daylighting, wind towers, microturbines, automatic light controls, and CHP systems, assessing their initial and long-term costs, aesthetics, and environmental benefits.