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We are a team of specialists from many disciplines applying best practices and innovation to turn good ideas into workable solutions to help our clients make life changing improvements to our world.

  • Building Services (MEP)

    Our building services group designs systems that bring buildings to life making them safe, sustainable, efficient, healthy and habitable for occupants and developers.

    Our engineers design the most efficient, code-compliant systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning; wired and wireless electrical infrastructure to power, light, secure and control the building; water for hydration, sanitation, storm drainage and fire protection ; and central plant to seamlessly work with the utility infrastructure.

    In today’s increasingly sophisticated buildings we ensure optimized building life cycle cost through the use of Building Information Modeling and latest international software & codes.

  • Structural Engineering

    KPM offers a wide range of Structural Engineering Services including analysis and design of structures, Seismic retrofitting, construction administration, evaluations and reports. We have designed concrete, steel, timber and composite buildings. Over the years we have also been involved in the design of many earthquake resistant, extreme load & wind-sensitive structures.

    Our engineers have designed structures with all types of materials and systems for an array of purposes and client needs. We have worked on projects of varying scale and complexity, applying best practices to develop designs that are cost effective, efficient and sustainable.

    KPM’s core strength is found in interpreting and implementing multiple design codes around the world: ASCE-7, UBC, IBC, ACI, EUROCODES, ASIAN CODES and Indian Standards. We have experience in different site conditions varying from the volcanic silts found in South East Asia, the Arabian sand, the conglomerate in South America, the London clay to the Luxembourg sandy gravel.

    All our engineers have a vast international exposure and having worked with the best engineering international practices do bring added value to your design board.

  • BIM

    Building Information modeling(BIM) has changed the way developers, architects, engineers, contractors and consultants work together.

    BIM is a standard process at KPM for developing design. Our BIM model encompasses building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities and properties of building components. It helps us manage building data during its life cycle & present our design intent more accurately. We are capable to include cost, program management and asset management within BIM.
    Benefits we are bringing with BIM:

    - Effective outcomes through better collaboration within the entire design team
    - Enhanced performance by development of more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solutions
    - Optimized solutions against agreed parameters
    - Greater predictability due to clearer visualization
    - Accurate quantity take offs results in reduced wastage
    - Asset life cycle management
    - Better Coordination on site
    - Faster project delivery by taking advantage of intelligence in the model

  • Infrastructural Engineering

    Our infrastructure design team has been involved with the infrastructure systems planning for large land parcels in accordance to the architect’s master plan. We analyze local infrastructure for the capacity to meet new demands for power, gas, water and ICT to develop sustainable long term solutions for urbanizing a given area. Our design and infrastructure plans include

    - Road & Pedestrian road design
    - Earthwork calculations
    - Potable Water planning & distribution networks
    - Sewage/ Sanitary planning, networks & treatment
    - Water recycling distribution
    - Storm water management, rainwater harvesting and site grading
    - Solid Waste Management
    - Street Lighting
    - Drainage network
    - Electrical Load planning & distribution networks 

  • Lifts & Transportation

    An important part of the planning of buildings especially high rises is the planning of the potential movements of both people and goods throughout the building. Traffic flows are a key part of the work we undertake. These studies are carried out to ascertain the number, types and speeds of lifts required for each project in compliance with local and international standards.

  • Seismic

    KPM will provide unbiased and non-vendor specific “seismic design solutions” for installation related to MEP services including rigidly fixed equipment (pumps, generators, transformers, chillers etc), suspended non-structural equipment (VAV boxes, fans, unit heaters, small in-line pumps, etc.) ,HVAC duct, conduit/cable tray and piping within a building or structure to minimize damage from an earthquake or seismic event.

    KPM will carry out Vibration control and seismic restraint design based on approved products by showing the location and type for each vibration isolator, seismic mounting, transverse and longitudinal bracing. The various selections in relation to the seismic considerations will be made in accordance with the requirements of the recognized standards.

    The supports will be designed for seismic suitability of the MEP services network based on latest project design and seismic parameters through stress analysis by considering multiple load cases to determine maximum forces, displacement and stresses in the pipes. The stress analysis will show three directional forces, moments and displacements which will be used to design the supports. We will also conduct a complete study of thermal expansion and contraction of pipes and analyses to determine the required location of pipe anchors, expansion joints and guides.